Micronutrients, metabolic engeneering, genetics and genomics


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are “called micronutrients because they are needed only in minuscule amounts. These substances are the “magic wands” that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development. As tiny as the amounts are, however, the consequences of their absence are severe.”

Although all micronutrient are of big importance, Parthenogen’s research focuses on those impacting the very basic functions of human cells, i.e. the one carbon metabolism. This is the epicentre of metabolism regulating cell growth and differentiation, epigenetics, oxy-redox balance and the release of the endogenous gasotransmitters. 



Metabolic engineering is the manipulation of the cell metabolism by feeding signals that are sensed by the cells and result in adaptations of cellular metabolism aimed at modifying specific physiologic responses.

Adapting this process to human metabolism is very complex. In phase 1, based on the most advanced research on metabolism and genetic variance in the population, key matabolic regulators, usually micronutrients, are individuated. In phase 2,  their effect in human subjects is tested by mass spectrometry to appreciate the changes resulting from assumption. In phase 3, based on the outcomes, the regulating micronutrient mix is updated toward the targeted effect. Phase 2 and 3 are repeated until the desired action is achieved and a dietary intervention is formulated.


A full array of activated methyl donors in support to epigenetics and antioxidant defences

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Hydrogen sulfide, Covid 19 and host defences

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Combination of micronutrients to boost the endogenous release of hydrogen sulfide

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Parthenogen is a Swiss organization incorporated in 2012 with the mission to explore human metabolism, its relationship with the inherited genes and the relevant opportunities to modulate it by means of dietary interventions (in vivo) and of substrates manipulation (in vitro). 

The keywords of Parthenogen are competence, research and innovation. We are paving new and unexplored avenues on the cutting edge of contemporary research. 

The promises of Parthenogen are quality, rigorousness and fairness. We are committed to human wellbeing and all of our research is open access for the benefit of everyone.

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Parthenogen is always happy to discuss research partnerships with those sharing our values and aims. We are mainly interested in collaboration with public and private research entities including, but not limited to, those skilled in genetic and metabolic research. We promise open access to our proprietary findings, skills in generating grant applications, and our own, although limited, funding capability.

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Parthenogen is not a money-oriented organization. All our revenues are reinvested in cutting edge research and in new projects. However, our products may be an ideal licensing opportunity for those aiming to develop their business with innovative products backed by sound science and patent applications.

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Charity @ Parthenogen

Parthenogen is ready to divert part of the profit margins to support independent researchers and non-profit organizations.

More relevant, Parthenogen is available to fund diagnosis and treatment for people affected by metabolic problems and unable to sustain extra expenses. Apply for parthenogen support, you will be directed to our medical staff that will check your eligibility and actual chance of being helped by our treatment. 

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