Micronutrients for food supplementation


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “They perform a range of functions, including enabling the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances needed for normal growth and development … Micronutrient deficiencies can cause visible and dangerous health conditions, but they can also lead to less clinically notable reductions in energy level, mental clarity and overall capacity.”

Although all micronutrient are of big importance, Parthenogen’s research focuses on those impacting the very basic functions of human cells, i.e. the one carbon metabolism. This is the epicentre of metabolism regulating cell growth and differentiation, epigenetics, oxy-redox balance and the release of the endogenous gasotransmitters. 


The wonders of a HEALTHY DIET

A healthy diet is the one that provides the body with all that is necessary  to run its functions including energetic substrates, water, fibers and the necessary micronutrients and helps us in keeping our health. Our metabolism is quite robust and may adapt to many different feeding habits. However, whatever these habits are, we should include a variety of different foods so to ensure that enough amounts of all the needed substances are available. 


Parthenogen develops, produces and markets quality dietary supplements that are intended to integrate the diet of those that, for any reasons, fail to achieve some of the substances that they need. This may be of some help, but cannot replace a healthy lifestyle and an already varied and complete feed. The true secret fo a healthy diet remains the daily attention to the selection of our foods.


Methylfolate and B vitamins

Vitamin B6, cystine and taurine 

Parthenogen is a Swiss organization incorporated in 2012 with the mission to explore human metabolism, its relationship with the inherited genes and the relevant opportunities to modulate it by means of dietary interventions (in vivo) and of substrates manipulation (in vitro). 

The keywords of Parthenogen are competence, research and innovation. We are paving new and unexplored avenues on the cutting edge of contemporary research

The promises of Parthenogen are quality, rigorousness and fairness. We are committed to human wellbeing and all of our research is open access for the benefit of everyone.

Join us for a better world

Parthenogen is always happy to discuss research partnerships with those sharing our values and aims. We are mainly interested in collaboration with public and private research entities including, but not limited to, those skilled in genetic and metabolic research. We promise open access to our proprietary findings, skills in generating grant applications, and our own, although limited, funding capability.

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Parthenogen is not a money-oriented organization. All our revenues are reinvested in cutting edge research and in new projects. However, our products may be an ideal licensing opportunity for those aiming to develop their business with innovative products backed by sound science and patent applications.

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Charity @ Parthenogen

Parthenogen is ready to divert part of the profit margins to support independent researchers and non-profit organizations.

More relevant, Parthenogen is available to fund diagnosis and treatment for people affected by metabolic problems and unable to sustain extra expenses. Apply for parthenogen support, you will be directed to our medical staff that will check your eligibility and actual chance of being helped by our treatment. 

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